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Our Service Area, is large enough to help everyone in and surrounding New Castle County, Delaware.

  • Delaware
    • New Castle County
    • Kent County
    • Sussex County (special requirements)
  • Pennsylvania
    • Chester County
    • Delaware County
    • (Eastern) Lancaster County (special requirements)
  • Maryland
    • Cecil County
    • Kent County

Chimney Sweeping

Having your chimney swept Is one of the most important things to have done for your fire burning appliances. Removing creosote deposits is a huge step toward preventing chimney fires. Whenever we sweep your chimney we are also inspecting for potential defects that could affect the health and safety of you and your family.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are a great idea for your chimney. Whethter you want to keep water out or pesky animals, we have a cap to suit your needs. Custon cap needs? No problem, we can have whatever is needed made for your special chimney. Get one for every flue!

Chase Covers

A chase cover closes the top of a framed chimney. Don't live with water entering that unsightly, rusty chase chover. Have a stainless steel chase cover installed today!

Wood, Pellet, and Gas Appliances

Stoves, Fireplaces, and Log sets for all fuels (wood, gas, and pellet) are a specialty of ours. Whether you need routine maintenance or technical trouble shooting, our NFI certified Master Hearth Professionals are ready to help. We work on all makes and models.


A crown (wash, or splay) closes the top of your masonry chimney. It is essential to maintaining the life of the masonry. Did you know that almost every crown out there is not gasketed? Lack of this important feature is responsible for heartbreaking damages. We offer standard splays and drip edge crowns, both in concrete!


You have a chimney that is showing it's age? Joints are damaged, cracked or even open? We can get them repointed with similar color cement.

Duct Cleaning

Impossible to keep the dust off the furniture? Concerned about mold and mildew or other contaminants in the ductwork? Just had a lot of remodling done? We are prepared to clean your ductwork using high volume air handlers and high pressure air whips.

Make and Appointment

When you are ready to have a service done or to get an estimate for repairs, simply call our office to schedule an appointment.