A chase cover protects the area surrounding a Class A chimney

Chase Covers

Chase Covers protect the area surrounding a class A chimney.

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What is a Chase?

The chase is the passage through which a Class A chimney rises. It is usually framed with lumber, sheathed, and then finished with siding or stucco. The top must be covered with a non-combustible cover.

Usually, a field built chase cover installed when a house is built is a flat piece made of galvanized metal. The edges are bent over the side of the chase providing a merely adequate level of protection. Galvanized metal, exposed to the sun, rain, and snow, is only expected to last 3 years. Manufacturers usually offer no warranty on galvanized metal chase covers.

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Stainless Steel Chase Covers

We are proud to offer Stainless Steel chase coveres manufactured right here in the Unted States. These chase covers come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. With stainless steel you can rest easy, knowing that there will never again be a problem with the chase cover.

Here Is How We Replace the Cover

  1. The cap(s) is removed and reserved for later re-installation. Some clients like to paint the cap while it is on the ground.
  2. The chase cover is permanently removed.
  3. Exact measurements are made of the top of the chase. Very few chases are built with square corners. We will be using the measurment of the longest sides.
  4. We then cover the chase with a plastic tarp. While we are very careful to secure the tarp well, it is a temporary closure and not proof against hurricanes.
  5. After ordering the new chase cover we expect up to 4 weeks for delivery. Once it is delivered to us, we will schedule a return visit for installation
  6. When we return, we will install the new chase cover. It will be mechanically secured with gasketed, screws. Not even the screw holes will be able to leak!
  7. Then we will re-install the chimney cap. If it needs to be screwed to the chase cover we will again be using gasketed, screws.

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