At the Top of Your Chimney

When a crown becomes damaged it puts the whole chimney at risk of further damage from water intrusion. The crown is your chimney's first line of defense from rot and frost damages, We have several offering for addressing the needs of your crown.

Flexible Crown Seal

Damaged Crown
Like New ! with Flexible Crown Seal

Flexible Crown seal is a low cost way to get some added protection for your chimney. We have over 10 years of experience using this method and have discovered many of the pratfalls that other contractors may not be aware of. Crown seal is only as good as the surface it is applied to. Surface preparation is an absolute must. We use a wire wheel to mechanically remove any loose material on the crown from weathering, frost, etc. Then we thoroughly remove residual dust. Finally we apply the material using methods approved by the manufacturer. The product is warrateed by the manufacturer for 10 years.

Standard Concrete

While most crowns are basically just left over cement slapped on the top of the chimney, we offer a replacement with durability. Our standard, cast-in-place crown (more properly called a splay) is made from concrete. Notice the thickness at the edges where this crown has added strength. Notice, also, the gasket material used at the flue tile. That gasketing is a key feature of our crowns because it allows the flue tile to expand without damaging the new crown.

Premium Concrete

Our premium concrete crown replacements have the same features as our standard concrete crown with a few extra details that make it stand out as a superior repair. The first difference is that we build forms into which the concrete is poured. The forms allow the crown to extend beyond the edge of the chimney.

The second feature is on the underside of the extension. We build the form in a way that leaves an indentation on the underside. When water comes off the crown its surface tension carries it right back toward the chimney. That indentation stops that movement and forces the water to form a drop which then falls away from the face of the chimney.