Chimney Caps

Swift Services installs every kind of chimney cap, including: stainless steel, copper, ceramic and stone or brick. We carry single flue caps or multi-flue caps that cover the entire chimney top. All stainless steel caps come with a lifetime warranty. Our masons can also install decorative ceramic chimney pots.

Single Flue Top Mount Outside Mount Class A

Single Flue Caps

Single flue caps mount directly to the flue tile. We carry them in stainless steel for common flue sizes. They are available in copper if desired.

Multiflue Caps

Oftentimes, flues are too close together to correctly mount single flue caps. When flues are close to each other we usually find that one cap is shedding rain into the flue next to it.

Top Mount

Top mount caps are custom made from stainless steel or copper to fit your chimney. Each is mechanically attached to your chimney top. The lids are removeable for acces to the top of the flues.

Outside Mount

These are the absolute best caps for coverage. Outside mont caps cover the entire top of the chimney. We feel that outside mount caps are not only the best value, but are also the best looking!

Caps for Class A Chimneys

Class A Chimneys are round and made of metal. Quite often they are eclosed inside a framed chase. The chase may have siding or even stucco. Class A chimneys come in two critcally different versions. Our technicians must visit your chimney to determine which version you need.

Wait! These are not what I want!

Often times chimney lingo is not universal. Perhaps what you want is a Chase Cover?